Dresses are never just made for something that you wear for cover. it most definitely pertains to STYLE, COMFORT and DECENCY– something that should be worn with the trend and should create a statement about oneself.

Trendy. Girly.Pretty. Sassy. Frilly. Classy. Summery. Plain. Casual. Chic.  As different as they may seem to one another, they all make a dress so wonderfully fashionable that they have become the most important feature in dress-making and dress-picking.

This blog features only one thing. and you sure are correct in guessing if you think that ‘DRESSES’ fit that description.

I am rarely found wearing a dress (because of my plump, uneven skin-toned legs.. SHHHH. it was my secret) but i am so fond of them that i tend to go to luxurious boutique shops just to get glimpses. I love surfing the internet for new trendy dresses (my favorites are casual, classy and chic in pastel colors and black and white) and using them as outfits for the fictional characters in the fiction stories i’ve written (we’ll not focus on that, okay? >///<)

have fun with my blog and the dresses it will display !

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