hey pretty girl (: did you know that quote: all girls are pretty, big and small. all girls are princesses, short or tall? well, that is superbly true. all girls are indeed beautiful and should be treated as princesses (though BOYS don’t really think so) .

but hey! who cares about them right? though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it still starts within yourself. ^__^ aye? AYE!

this is your blogger introducing. (: i am ms. PAT LEE. i am 16 years of age and i love (like, major love) dresses. i’m not that fond of wearing them (‘coz i’m a little meaty) though. short glimpses, long stares, daydreaming. those are my kind of thing. (:

hope you enjoy Frilly Pretty Inspirasi.. (:


fb: patlee psje

ps. beep me if you got comments and likes. i would like to befiriend you !

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